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Do you love differently or feel alienated? Have you often questioned yourself or experienced an urge for perfection? Do you work with ambition and lose track of yourself in the meantime?


Hello, I am Silvio Olmedo-Paasch and as a psychologist, I support you in finding more balance, self-confidence and connectedness again. Because when we walk our path and don't quite meet the expectations of others, we tend to overstep our boundaries and burn out faster. In our sessions, you will find a therapeutic space for reflection, change and personal growth with the help of psychological counselling online and on-site in Berlin.

Therapy Focus

How can I accompany you?

Whether you are a freelancer experiencing worries, an ex-pat feeling lonely, a queer person wanting to show your identity more or under pressure to succeed - it's not easy to follow your dreams! Because suddenly obstacles or expectations can cross your path and you start to doubt yourself. My mission is to be your compass on your journey and find out what you really want. For this purpose, you will be provided with the necessary psychological tools to pursue your dreams again without losing your sense of well-being. 

NEW NORMAL THERAPY Is suitable for you, IF...

  • ... you wish for a more mindful contact with yourself.
  • ... you are looking for authenticity and want to show yourself more.
  • ... you want to bring relaxation and calmness into your everyday life.
  • ... you want to understand your feelings, needs & actions better.
  • ... you want to present yourself with self-confidence.
  • ... you want to bring more freedom and self-determination into your life.

Reduce Stress & Pressure

Coping with intense emotions

Mindfulness & Self care


Showing diversity as LGBTIQ+


In a 25-minute free consultation, you can ask all your questions and find out if it would be a good fit  work together.


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Get back in touch with yourself

Psychological counselling supports you in identifying the causes behind current obstacles and initiates a solution process within a protected space. And since life is challenging enough, my services offer you a modern and flexible solution that adapts to your needs - no matter where and how you are currently living.

Location-independent online counselling

No matter where you live and work! With the support of online sessions, you can find the right expertise via video to overcome challenging times.

On-site counselling in Berlin

Do you look for more personal contact? In my practice, you will find a space for yourself to remove obstacles and regain more access to your inner values.


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